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Taking what appears complicated and making it simple. 

Simplicity is the key to evolving in every area of your life. By looking at every area that appears to be complicating your life and then finding the appropriate solution to bring about simplicity.

We here at Ministerial Research Services are here to do just that for you. We are a Non-Profit Faith Based Evangelistic Ministry that provides step by step guidance in spiritual, religious, and natural matters.

We listen to your issues, analyze them, research them, and provide a step by step guide to solving them. 

For every problem there is a solution, however finding that solution may require you to seek help outside of yourself and that is where we come in.

It doesn't matter what your religion is or where you are in your faith walk, we can help. This Ministry is not bound by labels. 

We are a multipurpose Ministry that seeks out solutions and those solutions begin and end with your faith in what is placed before you. So come and join us as we teach you how to draw nearer to your purpose. 

Ministerial Research Services is a sister service of Victoria Amidou Ministries.
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Ministerial Research Services 
P.O. Box 085137 Racine, Wisconsin 53408