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Victoria Amidou is:
An Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, International Lecturer, International Recording Artist, Activist, Actress, Author, Song Writer, Poet, Vocalist, and Voice-over Artist.
Victoria Amidou presides as CEO of Victoria Amidou LLC, Victoria Amidou Ministries, and Ministerial Research Services. Victoria Amidou as an Ambassador for God has been featured on morning television and radio shows.

Victoria Amidou is a passionate representative of The Most High God and has been chosen for such a path to empower those who are broken on a pathway to mending, while using key principals in the Holy Word to counteract the damage that has been inflicted upon God's children. 

Victoria Amidou Ministries is:
Inspired by God's chosen path for us, we aim :
* to increase community awareness and spread the word of God.
* to help people to grow and learn through mutual support and care.
* to be a good neighbor to people in need and challenge injustice.
* to encourage more followers by sharing the gifts and talents that God has placed 
  within us.
"I've been praying for deliverance from all the things that hinder us as believers. We must learn to conquer what we think for by changing our minds, we can change our situation.
- Victoria Amidou
Come and invite God into your life.
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Before you make your plans for this life that you have, ask God.
You will not find a more rewarding way to fellowship with God than through the studying of God's word and through the constant worshipping of who God is and through the mighty power of prayer.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning!