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by Victoria Amidou on 05/25/16

Victoria Amidou has embarked on a quest to change the way people look at love and the spiritual aspects of it. Love since before time was counted, has and will always be the greatest of all. Love and I mean, true love, is the essence of who we are as a being, be it physical or spiritual. Love does not just cover a multitude of sin as some would say but love in fact covers all and heals all and transforms all.

When you are truly operating in love there is no room for anything negative nor hateful. Love allows a being to be what and who it was created to be. Love is the most powerful of all and when you love the way in which you were created you allow others to be free even if it's not what you want for them. Freedom to love in a way that inspires others to want to love as well. 

Today and everyday from this one forward I challenge you to love from the spirit and start with yourself. True love comes from the core of who and whose you are. Bask in that knowing and love yourself the way that you want others to love you. People learn from example. So start off by showing them just what kind of love you need from them by first giving it to yourself. Love yourself in a way that it allows others to do the same. Selah.

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1. ismail said on 6/19/16 - 03:05AM
Thank you for speaking the truth of happiness and true nature of our life ,God bless

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