Victoria Amidou Soared in 2016

As I have looked over this year at the progress that Victoria Amidou has made I can’t help but smile. This woman has not only took off running, she soared! I recently interviewed Victoria Amidou and one of my key questions to her was, what made you decide that 2016 was the year to finally release your long awaited projects?

She laughed and said, I did not make the decision. It was made for me. Before I could ask her to elaborate, she said, I decided that El Shaddai, Poetically Me, and For True were just going to be for me. In my mind they were never going to be released. I planned to create new projects. Those kind of projects that made people smile and giggle. You know the ones where there’s no hurt and pain.

However, the Universe had another plan for me. One in which I would buck against initially. I read El Shaddai repeatedly after I wrote it and every time I did it was painful. I felt that my truth needed to remain blanketed. You know, covered.

I wondered why the Universe had chosen this year for me because these projects laid dormant for years. So I prayed for the answer and what I received was so simple yet so profound. “It’s time.”

It’s time was my answer, so on January 23, 2016 I started the reformatting process of El Shaddai and on February  5, 2016 El Shaddai was officially published. My other two projects; Poetically Me and For True were officially published on March 15, 2016.

Since then I have been basking in this journey. Taking every moment as it comes and trusting that I can and I will keep evolving into a better me and by being a better me I can and will assist others who are in the infant stages of their journeys to becoming a better them.

I am happily looking forward to 2017 and what the Universe has prepared for me. I’m   soaring like an eagle to my destiny by gently and lovingly accepting the me that I have grown to be and anticipating with grace the me that I will be.

Happy New Year and thank you for being as you say, my number one fan and for taking this journey with me. Your positive vibes and support are a God sent. I send abundance and overflow your way as we end 2016’s journey and enter into 2017’s journey. May peace, joy, and love reign like never before in our lives.

Now you all see why I am a fan of this amazing woman. Victoria Amidou has successfully launched her books and Cd along with traveling across this country promoting her projects as well as speaking to and motivating others along her way.

Victoria Amidou has in 2016 graciously shared the floor with some of the top names in the industry like Timbaland, Brian McKnight, Desmond Child, Erica and Wrryn Campbell, Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo, Paul Williams, Jason Poo Bear Boyd, LaShawn Daniels, Priscilla Renea, James Fauntleroy, Harmony Samuels, Rebecca Crews, Omar Tyree, Wendell Pierce, Mathew Knowles, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Sheryl Underwood, and this is just a partial list.

2017 promises to be even more star studded and rewarding to say the least. Victoria Amidou already has a full schedule ahead of her and I am eagerly anticipating what’s next for her. Congratulations Victoria Amidou on your success. Well done!victoria-amidou-promo-photo-12312016

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